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The movie itself has definitively Miike moments of absurdity and inventive ultra-violence. Few films are as unforgettably bloody and queasily thrilling, and it all winds up with a hallucinatory battle between the two memorable killers, played with relish and power by Tadanobu Asano and Nao Omori. It’s a somber crime story at heart, with a downbeat twist to match, but the ending is as batshit-crazy as they come: Shiina’s unforgettably cute, child-like torturer trilling “deeper…deeper…as she turns Ishibashi into a human pin cushion and the images of cheese-wire mutilation are among the highlights of the past 25 years of horror cinema. Your Questions Answered 16th Jul Often it’s all three at once.

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Full Metal Yakuza   Miike’s reliably warped rendition of Robocopshifting effortlessly from slapstick to pathos to OTT arterial spray, centers around a lowly, inept Yakuza who’s limp dick is mocked by an unkind hooker and whose run of bad luck is completed when he’s beaten up by yobs and subjected to multiple gunshot wounds.

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It’s ultimately more low key and sensitive than much of its director’s work but still shot through with his unmistakably skewed outlook on the world. In addition to his full length features the most memorable, insane and plain entertaining all making it to this listthe following countdown includes a short movie and a notorious contribution to an American TV series. Friday the 13th Part 2 20th May 13 With Jason's mum dead, who could possibly be the killer in the sequel if Jason drowned all those years ago? Miho Nomoto is unforgettable as a schoolgirl stripper who shoots darts from her vagina, at one point assaulting a would-be victim and unwittingly unleashing a torrent of blood at the same time “Sorry, my period just started! It’s a rough ride, even for Miike fans:

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